Our food and catering:

food hygiene 5 starnursery@aspire has an in-house catering team providing freshly prepared healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. All meals areincluded depending on the sessions booked. All children are given a healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Details of this food will be posted termly. If the children have cooked during the day then they may get the opportunity to take their goodies home to try! nursery@aspire endorses a healthy eating policy. Information and ideas relating to healthy eating are available on request.

You must inform the nursery of any dietary requirements, allergies or food inolerances. All staff will be made aware of these and do their utmost to ensure that your child does not ingest those things which they are not allowed to or cannot eat. All food at nursery@aspire is prepared in a nut free environment.

Below are examples of termly menus. Parents will be able to see the current week's menu on display in the nursery foyer.

LunchMacaroni cheese with saladChilli con carne with fresh saladVegetable soup and French breadChicken lasagne and saladFish pie and vegetables
PuddingFresh fruitYoghurtFlapjackPoached pearsFresh fruits
TeaChicken, potatoes and vegetables Vegetable pizzaBeef, vegetables and noodles Jacket potatoes, tuna and sweetcorn and salad Vegetable pasta bake with salad
PuddingCookies and creamPoached applesJellyFruit smoothieYoghurt
LunchCheesy vegetable pasta bake and saladChicken, potatoes and green peas Fish fingers, baked beans and mashed potatoesHam, potatoes and sweet cornLentil soup and bread
PuddingPoached applesCookiesPoached pearsFruit jellyFruit crumble
TeaTuna, jacket potatoes and sweetcorn Creamy vegetable soup and French breadSpaghetti Bolognese and saladChicken curry and saladFish with cheese sauce and vegetable cous cous
PuddingYoghurtSponge cake with jamIce creamFlapjackFresh fruit salad
LunchJacket potatoes, cheese and beans ShepherdÕs pie with fresh vegetablesSweet and sour pork served with noodlesVegetable soup and French breadFish cake, beans and wedges
PuddingFruit smoothieBananas with custardPoached fruitsSponge cake with syrupIce cream
TeaBroccoli and fish pasta bake with saladVegetarian quiche and saladMeatballs, mashed potatoes and vegetablesBeef burgers, rice and saladMediterranean vegetables and chick peas
PuddingYoghurtFlapjackFruit jellyFruit smoothieRhubarb with custard