Extra Curriculum Activities


Ladybird children go swimming once a week (term time) with a qualified teacher at the Aspire Centre. The ratio is 1.1 and children are encouraged to feel at ease in the water, sing songs and learn safety skills.

Ding Dang Do

Ladybird children go to the Aspire Centre and take part in arts and crafts activities based around the theme of a weekly story. Children bring home their artistic creations. The ratio is 8.1

Language Lessons

Ladybird and Froggie children have weekly Spanish lessons with a native Spanish member of staff. Lessons take part in the nursery.


Once a month our gardener comes to the nursery to tend to our plants. Each room takes a turn to spend time with the gardener. Children are encouraged to be hands on with the plants.

PE Lesson

Once a week Ladybirds and Froggies go to the outdoor Aspire pitch and take part in PE lessons, they engage in a range of activities and use sports equipment. The ratio is 1.4 for Froggies and 1.8 for Ladybirds

Library Visit

Once a week Ladybirds and Froggies take it in turns to visit the library at Southfields Academy. Children are exposed to a variety of age appropriate books and encouraged to understand how we use a library. The ratio is 1.4 for Froggies and 1.8 for Ladybirds.