nursery@aspire is registered to offer Free Nursery Education Places (FNEP).  FNEP covers part of the cost per hour of a nursery@aspire place. Please speak to the Nursery Manager for further details.

Prices are inclusive of extra-curricular activities, nappies and wipes and all meals.

  • Package 1: breakfast, daytime snacks, lunch and evening meal provided
  • Package 2: breakfast, daytime snacks and lunch provided.
  • Package 3: daytime snacks and evening meal provided.

Unfortunately, we are unable to combine packages. If you have an individual requirement please speak to the Nursery Manager.

Download our application form.

 # Days12345
Package 1Weekly Fee£86.10£172.20£258.30£344.40£365.93
(07.30 - 18.30)Monthly Fee-£717.50£1,076.25 £1,435.00 £1,524.69
Package 2Weekly Fee£48.30£96.60£144.90£193.20£193.20
(07.30 - 13.00)Monthly Fee£402.50£603.75£805.00£805.00
Package 3Weekly Fee£48.30£96.60£144.90£193.20£193.20

Discounts: nursery@aspire offers 10% siblings discount.

Please speak to the Nursery Manager for further information.