nursery@aspire is registered to offer Free Nursery Education Places (FNEP).  FNEP covers part of the cost per hour of a nursery@aspire place. Please speak to the Nursery Manager for further details.

Prices are inclusive of extra-curricular activities, nappies and wipes and all meals.

  • Package 1: breakfast, daytime snacks, lunch and evening meal provided
  • Package 2 & 3 : breakfast, daytime snacks and lunch provided.

Unfortunately, we are unable to combine packages. If you have an individual requirement please speak to the Nursery Manager.

Download our application form.

Package#daysWeekly FeesMonthly Fees (Weekly fees * 50/12)Sibling Discount Applied (10%)
P1 (7:30 - 18:30)1£89
P3 (7:30 - 15:00)1£63.75
**Please note the minimum attendance requirement is 4 days

Discounts: nursery@aspire offers 10% siblings discount.

Please speak to the Nursery Manager for further information.


At Nursery@aspire, we do not maintain a waiting list for the toddler or preschool rooms. Kindly refrain from applying if your child is 2 years or older, as all our existing children have secured spots in these rooms. Our waiting list is only for the baby room, catering to children aged 3 months to 2 years.

Our waiting list is currently closed until February 2025, so please refrain from submitting any application forms. Applications during this period will not be processed. For scheduling a tour, please send an email in January 2025 to